Terms and Conditions

Please read through these Terms and Conditions carefully as they contain important information regarding your booking, deposits, cancellation policies and refund expectations as well as your responsibilities in booking with Safariland Adventures – responsibilities that could affect our agreement to provide the safari you requested.

  1. Booking your holiday

    1. Changes to the advertised itinerary: Accommodation and activities are booked on demand so availability may require a change to the advertised program. Safariland Adventures will inform you of any changes in good time where possible. As per term 3.c. Early payment reduces the risk of changes to the program after booking.
    2. Children: Any traveler under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
    3. Travel requirements: Travellers are responsible for obtaining the required Visas, Vaccination Cards, International Driving Licenses, Carnets and for fulfilling any other requirements of travel for their holiday. Safariland Adventures is not responsible for any delays, fines or charges incurred by failure to obtain documentation or failure to meet travel requirements.
    4. Travel insurance: Travellers are responsible for obtaining their own travel insurance to cover all activities planned in the itinerary and reasonably covering other expected activities. Safariland Adventures recommends insurance that covers repatriation and aerial medical extraction due to the distances involved in safari travel in Tanzania.
  2. Superseding Terms and Conditions

    1. Superseding Terms and Conditions: Some suppliers, such as hotels and experts guides for trekking and climbing activities will have Payment and Refund policies different from those of Safariland Adventures. Where these policies will: increase deposit amounts, require earlier payment and increase the fees for cancellation or change the fee structure for cancellations, then the Terms and Conditions of the supplier will supersede those detailed here. Travellers will be informed via email of the changes to required payments and the details of the altered Terms and Conditions.
  3. Payment for your holiday

    1. Deposits: Bookings must be accompanied by a 30% deposit and the complete balance is due no later than 55 days prior to the starting date of your safari. Please note that these deadlines are for cleared funds NOT the date of the transfer request. If the booking is made within this time of 55 days then the full amount should be paid with the booking.
    2. Late Payment: If the balance due is not received by the due date we reserve the right to treat the booking as cancelled. Appropriate cancellation charges may be levied. All bank charges are for client to bear.
    3. Confirmation of your itinerary: Until full payment is received we cannot guarantee that the requested accommodation and/or activities are confirmed. Timely payment will ensure you have the holiday you expected.
    4. Payments: Payments should be made by bank transfer to the details provided. Payments should be sent in United States Dollars. Travellers are responsible for all transfer fees and any exchange fees if payment is not sent as USD. A receipt number or lodging number must be sent to Safariland Adventures to confirm the payment has been requested.
    5. Cancellations: Cancellation should be made by email. The 30% depositis non-refundable and a cancellation, for any reason, will also incur the following charges:
      1. More than 55 days before safari date – 25% of total cost (i.e. you will receive a refund from your deposit of 5% the total cost of your safari)
      2. 31 to 54 days before start date – 50% of total cost
      3. 15 to 30 days before start date – 75% of total cost
      4. 14 days or less – total cost of tour.
  4. During your holiday:

    1. Adventurous activities: Travellers booking safaris that include adventurous, physically demanding, or high risk activities such as trekking, climbing, diving, interaction with wild animals or physical work (such as with charities) must ensure they are physically fit and capable to undertake such activities and that their insurance covers them for injury or harm arising from such activities. If you are obliged to abandon an activity or conclude your entire safari early due to your own physical limits then no refund, either whole or in part, will be made. Additional fees, such as extra accommodation, or transportation in respect of such an abandonment of an activity are not the responsibility of Safariland Adventures and must be settled by the traveller(s).
    2. Illness during safari: Cancellation or early conclusion of a safari through illness or injury will be subject to the standard cancellation fees.
    3. Waivers, indemnity or disclaimers: You may be asked to sign a Waiver, Disclaimer Form or other indemnifying document prior to participation in certain activities. If you are not happy to sign such a document and as a result cannot take part in a booked activity, no refund will be given. Any additional costs from such an occurrence are not the responsibility of Safariland Adventures.
    4. Program Alterations: We cannot refund activities removed from a program as part of an alteration after confirmation of the booking. If during your time travelling with Safariland Adventures you decide to alter your travel arrangements this will be your own responsibility and Safariland Adventures can not be held responsible for any extra costs or difficulties that may arise as a result of such alterations.
    5. Delays:  In the unlikely event of a delay at the airport for your international or domestic flight, arrangements for meals, overnight accommodation etc. should be met by your airline. If you are joining a group and flight delays mean that additional transfers etc. are required to enable you to join the group, these costs must be met by you and should later be re-claimed under your insurance policy if applicable.
    6. Vehicles: In case of major breakdown a rescue/replacement vehicle shall be sent immediately – minor problems that can be repaired will be dealt with to allow the safari to continue. Such breakdowns are beyond the control of Safariland Adventures and no refunds or discounts will be given if such a breakdown occurs.
    7. Personal Belongings: The Company shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to your belongings in the course of your safari. Please ensure you have adequate insurance for these items.