What to do in Tanzania

Tanzania offers the perfect landscape for Wildlife safaris, Savannah Tours and other adventures like Mountain Climbing. Safariland also offer Beach trips and a chance to immerse yourself in the culture of This East African haven.

There are a numerous of things to do it East Africa and believe it you can never grow bored, from Paragliding on top of Usambara mountains to Safari blue in exotic Zanzibar, whatever your interest lie there is always something for everyone. Be sure to not to miss the some of the unique experiences and immerse yourself in rich history the land proclaims.

Wildlife Safaris with Safariland Adventures

One of the most famous experiences in East Africa, game driving, walking Safaris and cannoning offer close proximity view of wild life scenery that you can take photographs of and memories back home.
In a comfort of a purpose designed 4×4 vehicle, you will be driven through the national parks in search of wild life, its more of a hide and seek game. You can also walk through some of the allocated places in the national park or canoe, which is a rewarding experience as you silently shamble around wildlife and smell the savannah surroundings first hand. To add to the great experience, why not switch to the view from the top, experiencing wild life in a hot air balloon, a breath taking experience. Also be sure not to miss the famous Great migration in Serengeti, which is all year round by looking at the migration chart of where the animals will be at a particular month.

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Beach Holidays with Safariland Adventures

Tanzania may be famous for its savannahs but Tanzania lies on the Indian Ocean and its coast is a paradise of tropical beaches, white sand and clear blue water. A Beach Trip in Tanzania is the perfect way to relax before heading into the interior or to chill out after exciting days watching amazing wildlife of this diverse country.
Even on the Coast there is lots to keep you occupied, snorkeling, cruising on a Zanzibari Dhow or even swimming with the dolphins, the Tanzanian Coast really is a heaven on earth. Be sure to check out the famous sand bank parties and what or just sand bank pick nick

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Climb Tanzanian Mountains with Safariland Adventures

Although Mount Kilimanjaro tops the list as Africa’s most famous and highest mountain, Tanzania boast many other mountains ranges and attractive peaks. Most of the country’s mountains and volcanoes are located in the north and east of the country. They vary from the dramatic crater of Mount Meru and the active volcano of Ol Donyo Lengai to tamer options like the Usambara Mountains and the comparatively gentle slopes of the crater highlands.  

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Cultural tours with Safariland Adventures

Tanzania has more than 120 tribes, united under one language. This place offers a unique opportunity to engage with people from diverse cultures, traditions and languages. Tanzania has a rich history of trade with exotic nations, each of whom have left their mark on her port towns. Fascinating parts of human pre-history took place within this land and travellers can get a glimpse of ancient ways of life, still being lived as part of modern Tanzania’s multi tribal society!  

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Honeymoons and celebrations with Safariland Adventures

Whatever your interest Tanzania has something for everyone, be it paragliding, deep-sea fishing, horse riding or golfing, just endless choices to thrust your curiosities. Most of the activities can be combined with the classic East African game drive, a popular choice for most people visiting Tanzania. Our interests are what makes us as individuals unique then why not explore them whilst we can.

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See the Wildebeest migration with Safariland Adventures

The Great Migration, the year long journey of Wildebeest and other African animals is the greatest land based movement of life in the world. Trained guides put you in the heart of the action as the herds trek to find food and water, and try to defend themselves against prides of lion, and packs of hyena who follow the herds in search of an easy meal. Scenes you have only before seen on a screen are enacted before your eyes and only in Tanzania. 

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African Festivals and Celebrations with Safariland Adventures

Tanzania has always had one of the most vibrant cultures, and with 120 tribal groups in the country, plus external influences from the many trading nations that had large enclaves in Tanzania, that cultural diversity is strong and alive. For this reason Tanzania has many festivals in her calendar, ranging from fashion extravaganzas, music festivals both traditional and modern, plus a world class film festival and sporting events only found here in Tanzania. Let Safariland Adventures be your guide to the best festivals this year! 

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Daytrips and short Safaris with Safariland Adventures

This is one of the best ways to experience Tanzania’s wilderness, culture, Art and surroundings when you have a limited time, or just have an extra day to add-on. Some of the national parks are not a long drive from Arusha, thus accessible and enjoyable in a day. Cultural tourism and a walk at the coffee plantations are some of the popular choices by most of the guests. Please ask a member of Safariland Adventures for where and what to do, for an activity of your choice. 

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Group Tours in Tanzania

Are you planning to explore Tanzania? Then why not meet others who are as enthusiastic as you are; and have a pick at your favourite Itineraries planned and carefully selected by the Safariland Team. This is the best and most cost effective way to experience Tanzania! 

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