Treasures of Tanzania

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Treasures of Tanzania
Treasures of Tanzania

This Safari begins and ends at Kilimanjaro International Airport.

Start your 15 day experience by touring the best national parks in Africa, to observe exotic wildlife in its natural habitat. Serengeti, Lake Manyara and the impressive Ngorongoro crater await you and your group of new found friends.

Wash the dust of the Safari off your feet by indulging in the sun, sea and brilliant white sands of Zanzibar, relaxing on the beach, ambling through the ancient trading towns and snorkeling through crystal waters with wild dolphins! A heavenly end to an exciting holiday.

DAY 1/ Arusha
DAY 2/ Lake-Manyara National Park
DAY 3/ Ngrongoro Crater
DAY 4/ Serengeti (Ndutu)
DAY 5/ Serengeti (Cental)
DAY 6/ Serengeti-Arusha
DAY 7/ Arusha- Zanzibar
DAY 8/ Stone Town Tour
DAY 9-11/ Sand Bank Picnic & Snorkelling
DAY 12/ Tour Of The Prison Island & Relax On The Beach
DAY 13/ A Day Of Relaxing At The Beach And Last Minute Shopping
DAY 14/ Dolphin Tour At The Kizimkazi Village
DAY 15/ Relax By The Beach
DAY 16/ Flight Back To Arusha & Home Destination

DAY 1(12/02/2013) – ARUSHA

On arrival at Kilimanjaro International Airport you will be warmly welcomed by a member of Safariland Adventures team, who will drive you to Safariland Cottages.
Renowned as the Safari capital of Tanzania, Arusha is tucked beneath the towering peaks of Mt Meru and Kilimanjaro. The town has numerous first class restaurant, bars and markets to browse and its ideal place to spend a day before or after your Safari.

For dinner you can have a pick of different restaurants, with varied cuisines from Tanzanian dishes to Italian, please just ask a member of staff for variations. If you would prefer to relax and not spend the night out of the cottages, Safariland also offers a menu on pre-order. Please find the web link for the accommodation in Arusha- Dinner and Breakfast)


After a relaxing breakfast, you will be driven from Arusha to Manyara Park in a 4X4 vehicle inclined for rough roads in the wilderness. All of our driver/guides speak both English and Kiswahili (the local tongue), but there are also translators speaking different international languages, please request if needed.

At Manyara you will be able to enjoy a full day of game viewing and have a chance to also view the Great Rift Valley escarpment along the sides of Lake Manyara. Later in the afternoon you will be driven to Karatu for dinner and overnight at Eileen’s Trees Inn. Please find the web link for the accommodation- (FB: Dinner, Breakfast and Lunch)

DAY 3 (14/02/2013) – NGRONGORO CRATER

From the magnificent views of the Great Rift Valley in Manyara, today you will be spending time in one of Tanzania’s pride, the Ngorongoro Crater. A team member of Safariland Adventures will pick you up from the Lodge in Karatu and drive you to the Ngorongoro conservation area to start your descent into the crater.

The crater is 610 meters deep, covering an area of 540 square kilometers. It is all the heaven to wild life, including the greatest predator population in Africa. The Volcanic crater is jam packed with wild life, including all the big 5 game. It is our hope that this place will not only amaze you with its vast scenery but you have a chance to see the last population of the black Rhino in Tanzania.
Lunch will be spent at a picnic area inside the crater with a view of zebras grazing at a distance, baboons playing on trees and different birds flying above. Dinner and over night will be at Ngorongoro wild life Lodge or similar. Please find the web link for accommodation- Dinner, Breakfast & Lunch)

DAY 4 (15/02/2013)- SERENGETI (NDUTU)

Today you will be heading to Serengeti Ndutu area. There will be plenty to see in Ndutu especially at this time of the year as the animals are migrating there in search of shorter grass and water to drink.
The Serengeti is one of the world’s most celebrated wilderness areas; this place will offer you a view of among nature’s greatest events, “The Great Migration”. In space of few weeks nearly 500,000 gawky youngsters of zebras, wildebeests, and gazelles within minutes of birth will stumble their feet’s to the endless wondering, here you will have a chance to witness this great event. Dinner and overnight will be spent at Ndutu Safari Lodge or similar. Please find the link for the accommodation- (FB: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

DAY 5 & 6 (16-17/02/2013) – SERENGETI (CENTAL)

From Ndutu area, today you will be heading to the central Serengeti, following the great migration. This epic seasonal movement is a deeply moving experience. As Serengeti is a vast land, you will be spending more time here game viewing and admiring the landscape.
Today you have a choice of heading back to the lodge for a hot-lunch and a bit of rest or having lunch at a picnic area. The arrangement can be discussed with the driver/guide. Dinner and overnight will be at Serengeti wildlife Lodge or tented camp. Please find the web link for the accommodation- (HB: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)


After breakfast a driver/guide will take you back to Southern Serengeti, whilst game viewing en route. Later in the afternoon, you will start your journey back to Arusha. Overnight will be at Safariland Cottages or similar where you can shake off the safari dust and relax.
For Dinner you can choose to pre-order from Safariland Cottages or go to different restaurants. (FB: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

DAY 8 (19/02/2013)- ARUSHA- ZANZIBAR

After breakfast, a driver/guide and will give you a tour of the Arusha town. This will give you a taste of how the locals live and proceed with their daily activities. You can also catch up with the last minute souvenir shopping or just go and visit the well know Cultural Heritage the one stop most tourists like to visit for local art and Tanzanite, the Gem symbol of Tanzania.
Lunch as usual will be of your choice. Later in the afternoon you will be driven to the Arusha Airport, where you will board a flight to Zanzibar.
On arrival at Zanzibar Airstrip, you will be warmly welcomed, by a member of Safariland Adventures team, who will drive you to Tembo House Hotel in Stone Town or similar.
There are number are number of restaurants there where you can have your dinner and have a taste of the Swahili cuisine. Please find the web link for the accommodation (B&B)

DAY 9 (20/02/2013) – STONE TOWN TOUR

Stone Town also known as the ‘Old Town’ is the only functioning historic Town in East Africa and little has changed in the last 200 years. It is a place of winding alleys, bustling bazaars, mosques and grand Arab houses whose original owners vied with each other over the extravagance of their dwellings. Here you can spend many hours just wandering through the fascinating labyrinth of narrow streets and alleyways, in the mean time you can also do shopping.
Today you will also have a chance to visit the famous spice farms, here you will be able to walk around the spice farms, taste, smell and have a feel of the world famous spices brought by the Oman Arab’s during the batter trade.

We suggested having dinner at Forodhani, which is a food market where you can try different types of Swahili foods, barbecues and seafood. Overnight will be at Tembo House Hotel or similar. (B & B)


Be sure to try this…. As you sail to one of the many sandbanks, round the magnificent islands by a wooden traditional dhow surrounded by the turquois water of the Indian Ocean eating fresh fruits it is a truly relaxing experience. Today you can also do some snorkeling and enjoy the beautiful vibrant colors of life under water.

Picnic lunch will be at one of the sandbanks surrounded by water, were you can relax, swim and enjoy your food before retiring to Paradise Beach Resort at Uroa beach. Please find the web link for the accommodation – (HB: Breakfast and Dinner)


Today you will sail to the Prison Island, home of the tortoise sanctuary and the prison ruins. Here you will be able to view the gigantic tortoise and have a feel of the island used as a slave prison in 1860’s and also functioned as coral mine. After lunch you can rest by the beach.
Overnight will be at Paradise Beach Resort (HB: Breakfast and Dinner)


Today you can enjoy another day by the beach or if you feel more energetic it is a good day for last minute shopping. It is also possible to go for short walk around the island.
Overnight will be at Paradise Beach Resort (HB: Breakfast and Dinner)


Situated on the southern point of the island, Kizimkazi fishing village is home to several schools of bottle-nosed dolphins, which can often be sighted following a short boat trip from the village. If you are lucky, you may be able to swim quite close to the dolphins, which can be a very rewarding experience. 
Kizimkazi is also the site of a 12th century mosque, the earliest evidence of Islam in East Africa, and is worth a visit. Later you can relax by the beach.
Overnight will be at Paradise Beach Resort (HB: Breakfast and Dinner)

DAY 14 (25/02/2013) RELAX BY THE BEACH

Today, a well-deserved relaxation by the beach awaits. Enjoy a cold drink of your choice by the beach and later a light lunch. I say light lunch, as there is a special treat for dinner at Rock Restaurant. This famous restaurant lies off the east coast of the island and stands on top of a rock in the middle of the ocean. Please view the website –
Overnight will be at Paradise Beach Resort (B &B).

You will be taken to Zanzibar airstrip to catch the flight to Arusha or directly to JRO for your connecting flight.

Map for Treasures of Tanzania Safari