The great migration

The most amazing sight of the natural world. the Migration of the herds in Serengeti


The Great Migration, the year long journey of Wildebeest and other African animals is the greatest land based movement of life in the world. Trained guides put you in the heart of the action as the herds trek to find food and water, and try to defend themselves against prides of lion, and packs of hyena who follow the herds in search of an easy meal. Scenes you have only before seen on a screen are enacted before your eyes and only in Tanzania!

The migrating herds spend 10 months of the year within and around the Serengeti, in Tanzania. Depending on the time of year you visit Migration viewing may be available as a day trip from Arusha, but usually this event will take a number of days to view. Where possible Safariland will try get you to one of the river crossings the herd makes as here you will see huge concentrations of animals braving the water, often teeming with crocodiles hungry for fresh meat. The migration of herds of ‘prey’ animals brings many predators into close concentration and seeing a hunt in action is a highlight of any migration tour.


Wildebeest Migration Map